The Wall Kick Up

As promised here is the second part of how to use the wall as a tool when learning a handstand.

Now this drill is by far the easiest drill to mess up. First take a look at the video and then I will break it down.

So unlike the first video I put up 2 weeks back. This kick up to the wall and coming off the wall is significantly different.

When kicking up to the wall the main aim must be to get the centre of mass (COM) above the base of support (BOS) in order to do this as easily as possible one must do two things.

Get the hips up, NOT YOUR FEET! Your hips are generally where your COM is. If your hips come up your legs and your feet will follow.

  1. Pivot through the shoulders, this can be tricky to understand the simplest way to think about it is as you kick up try to get your chest in vertical line to the wall.
  2. As you are kicking up to the wall you will touch the wall at some point. This you want to do this as gently as possible. To do this apply pressure to the floor with your fingers think pulling them back to yourself.
  3. When coming off the wall and trying to balance you only want to use your fingers to do this. Don’t change your body shape to get off the wall. This will increase you finger strength.
  4. Lastly when coming off the wall you want to keep pushing through your shoulders as much as possible and squeeze your glutes. This will make your body tighter and easier to control. Which in turn will make it easier for you to get off the wall.

A few thoughts to finish off with when learning a handstand this drill will be by far one of the easiest drills to learn. The temptation to do it all the time will be high.

Remember you don’t want your mind to rely on anything just yourself. You should only use this drill to build the strength in your fingers and to understand how to use them.

In other words, this drill should make up about 30% of your training in the beginning well the balance point drill should at least be 60% as that drill is closer to a freestanding handstand.

That is all for today, new posts coming to you weekly!

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