The Frustration Aspect

Handstands are frustrating. End of story.

In this article we are going to discuss the frustrating aspect that comes with learning handstands and how to cope with them.

Due to handstands being a skill they take time to learn on top of that when learning them you will fall, a lot. Especially when learning to kick up to a handstand. The right amount of momentum must be used (generally less than expected) one must pivot through the shoulders and push through them at the same time, the fingers must apply enough pressure to the floor to stop you going over etc.

So many of these things can go wrong resulting in falling over and this is only one drill when learning a handstand. There are many more and they only get more complex as one goes along.

There is a sticky point in handstands a “rough patch” if you will where you will kick up fall, kick up hold a bit fall and repeat. There are drills that can speed up the way through this “rough patch” but missing it entirely is impossible.

Another thing to bear in mind is that everyone is different, and everyone comes from a different background. If one did dance or gymnastics, the speed that one will pick up and hold a handstand is vastly different to someone who has done football for example.

So, what’s the answer to this rough patch?

Well in short. Persevere.

Just keep working at it and it will come it’s the same as trying to loose fat (assuming you’re in a calorie deficit) if you keep going you will eventually loose fat or in this case learn a handstand.

Use the drills like the balance point and finger pull drill to build up the strength in the fingers and shoulders and work the balance without adding momentum and the full freestanding handstand will happen. It’s a patience game. You just have to keep going!

Embrace the journey.

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