Strength Training for Skills

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Without a doubt the best way to improve a skill is to do it.

Whatever that skill might be, if it’s a handstand you need to do handstands. If its splits spend time doing the splits. There is no way around that.

As part of my coaching I offer to help individuals by building their programs tailored to their current abilities and goals. Whether that be handstands, splits or muscle ups to name a few.

Having a tailored program has many benefits such as:

  1. Working to a chosen goal: many people want a skill, but few actually know how to attain it. Where do you start? What needs to be addressed first in order to be able to do this skill? All this is taken care of when I build your program.
  2. There is a plan: No more guess work, go to the gym do the training set out for you and repeat. It’s not easy and there are times its monotonous, but it is effective.
  3. Consistent progression: Depending on how you are doing the program will be updated accordingly. This can be up to every week. This will keep you consistently challenged.
  4. Accountability: Being your coach, I regularly check in 2-3 times a week to check how the training is going, this can include me asking for videos of certain skill to make sure you are on the right track or keeping you on track when you have missed a workout.
  5. Aesthetic appeal: Though this is not the main aim of skill training it is often a side benefit of the training. As body weight training is challenging on the body its only natural that the body adapts to the process and this can be seen in your physical appearance.

Here are what a few of my current clients are saying:

Calisthenics and handstands are new to me. This program has shed light on the importance of mobility and functional strength and opened my eyes to a very effective training method. Above all, I find it as mentally stimulating as I do physically challenging and the combination of mobility and gymnastics-based strength training go hand in hand and make for a fun and rewarding training routine.

My program is beautiful curated by David, who does an amazing job engaging with his clients and adapting their programs on a weekly basis.

I’ve seen consistent improvements in my performance, ability and physique in the short 3 months that I have followed it which has sparked an obsessive but healthy training consistency for me.

He has helped me appreciate that our bodies are incredible machines that are capable of more than just lifting weights monotonously in the gym

Cedric B

I’ve been going to the gym for more years than I care to admit and I’ve had PT’s before but I’ve never trained specifically for something. I’ve always trained for myself and aesthetically.

I’ve been specifically training for handstands for the last month and it’s changed the way I train and the way I look. I feel more challenged and train more efficiently. In the 4 weeks that I’ve been following David’s program, my handstands have improved, my overall strength has improved and I look better than I have done in years.

David knows his stuff!

Allan D

If are interested in having a program built for you, you can email me at

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