Grinding It Out

There is nothing like watching an individual who is skilled at skill train or perform.

They generally do things with such grace and control that it can totally fool one into believing what they are doing is easy until you try it yourself.

Now no matter how skilled someone is they all at some point when through “the grind”. They did all the boring stuff, the basics over and over again till they could move on to harder skills.

This in my opinion why so many people never achieve what they want. They leave out the basics or lightly gloss over them rushing to get the “cool Instagram skill”.

This ends in a few ways; injury as their body is not conditioned to the skill. They get frustrated as their basics aren’t good enough, they can’t even get close the skill and they give up. Lastly, they realise that the skill is actually going to take a long period of time to get and they ether don’t have the perseverance, or they don’t really know how to progress to that point, so they give up.

Now a lot of those above points can be avoided. But unfortunately, it means getting good at the basics and the only way to do that is put in the work, grind it out. There is no way around the hard work.

I would also like to point out that this applies to everything fitness related and life.

So that leaves you with quite a simple choice.

Are you going to put in the grind? Or not?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with admitting to yourself that it’s not for you and moving on with your life.

If, however you decide to put in the grind, you will be rewarded with a skill or a look that you want.

There are of course ways to make the grind easier, like having a coach or a training partner. Both I would highly encourage as there are bad days and having someone there to help you through them is really helpful.

To finish off I just want to leave this with this “Effective training is often monotonous and rarely fun. There are bad days and there are good days, but it is in this grind where the magic happens. The choice is yours

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